Sunday, August 24, 2008

Come on, tune in, drop out

Now, I'm sure some of you out there are wondering what the uber-cool, quasi-retro quixotic hippie-actors of the Osage do in our non-rehearsal times. And whenever I figure out how to upload pictures and videos from my cell phone, the world shall know.

We walked into a plain black box Saturday morning. This evening, we left behind a nearly complete set and a veritable coloring book of peace-love-drugs-goodness outlined on the floor.

We open in eighteen days. We have EIGHTEEN DAYS to play on the set. Our little love-fest will continue it's evolution on Todd's beautiful playground and I am completely jazzed about this. We start running the show in it's entirety tomorrow night. Now that we are all (theoretically) off-book and know the show perfectly [sic], the real fun and games can begin. It seems we all have basic relationships already established within the tribe but it was occasionally hard to imagine our space as it's own little world. I challenge anyone to look at our set and NOT want to twirl around in circles (or play on the pole). I think being in the space (especially for so long) is really going to start bringing everything to life.

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