Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stuck on teeny bopper island...

Wait, the term "teeny bopper" wasn't coined in the nineties? Fuck, I'd hate to see any show based off of the nineties teenagers.

Anyway, Scott said something incredibly interesting tonight about our characters (massive paraphrasing) :

"Some of you, like Sheila, are in this group to change the world. Some of you, like Berger, are here for sex and drugs."

On top of that, a few days ago, he reminded us that we had to pick out our tribe names. This is actually something I've been pondering deeply for the last week or so (which may turn into another post, if lucky).

This is such a strange show that, even in ensemble, I don't spend time trying to figure out how my character moves, talks, reacts, etc... I have just been letting things happen.

The very first idea I had came from when Scott said we would be prowling through the audience and lobby before the show started. I decided that I wanted to just lounge around in someone's lap, as a joke. Oddly enough, this is now turning into part of what I do. Every time we sit on the ground, I find the most available person and kind of melt into them. Double if they'll play with my hair (yay Marcie and Wayne!).

The other night, he blocked the Sheila/Berger fight, where he yells her. Everyone's reactions range from anger and disgust to indifference. I found myself, while on stage and HIGHLY uncharacteristically, leaning towards a feeling of, "Well, that happened." I am starting to pick up on that fact that I just don't understand that sort of, for lack of a better word, pushiness or anger that Sheila carries.

I hang out mostly with Marcie, it seems. Jeannie/Robin sarcastically refers to us as Teeny Bopper Island. It makes sense- much more laissez-faire and sweeter than I ordinarily play, which has been a fun little change.

To tie this back together, I decided that I'm in this group for enlightenment through sex and drugs. Sex is love, if done right and not selfishly, in this group's mind set, which is where some conflicts between characters arise. Orgasm is not the "little death," but the clarifier, a beautifully shared experience where only good vibes and positive karma can emerge. Drugs is mind expanding- the mundane is wholly fascinating and drenched in beauty. All of this leads, hopefully, to a deeper understanding of what life and love can be about.

Also, my crush of the late sixties:

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